Importance Of Correct Selection

It is important to understand that there is NO "standard fan" or "standard bathroom".

When selecting the correct fan, you cannot say that "I have a standard size bathroom" or "I need a standard size fan", as standard for you and standard for the next person may not be the same.

To select the correct fan, you need to know the width, length and height of the room you want to extract from. eg. Batroom of 3m (wide) x 3m (length) x 2.7m (ceiling height) gives you a total of 24.3m³. Now, multiply this by the amount of air changes you require (standard 15) 24.3m³ x 15 = 364.5m³/hr extraction capacity required Based on this figure, you can now go on to select the fan which has the closest extraction capacity as your requirement.

Installing a fan that is too small in an area will result in the fan not extracting enough moist or stale air and you will not notice a difference. Installing a fan that is too large will result in you overpaying when you could have used a smaller size fan at a smaller charge.

For help on how to select the correct fan, please see the formula on our home page:

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