Windows / Wall Fans

The design and construction methods of domestic buildings have changed radically. Room sizes and room heights have generally decreased and the envelope of the building is better sealed and insulated.



GX Fans

WX Fans

DX100 Fans

GX6, 9 and 12 window / surface wall mount
Air intake / extract on 9” & 12” versions
Extended ladder strips required for wall mount
GX6: 266m³/hr , GX9: 728m³/hr
GX12: 1614m³/hr

WX6, 9 & 12 flush wall mount
WX9 & WX12 are reversible for intake and extraction
WX6: 246m³/hr, WX9: 783m³/hr
WX12: 1715m³/hr

DX100 – Window, wall or ceiling Mount
Ideal for small areas
Pullcord, timer & humidistat versions available
Cover Size: 165 x 155mm

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SL150 Fans

LV100 Fans

For small areas up to 18m³
Wall or ceiling mount
NOT suitable for window mount
Wall Kit optional
Cover Size: 195 x 197mm

Low Voltage fan complete with transformer for 12V AC
We offer LV100
Window / Wall or Ceiling Mount
Can be used inside shower (directly in or over splash area)
Cover size: 155 x 155mm

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